Neutering a dog

Attitudes towards animals are changing, veterinary care is improving and society is more informed and responsible. That is why neutering of dogs and bitches is an increasingly common and widespread procedure not only to control their population.


During neutering, the testicles in males and the ovaries (or uterus) in females are surgically removed. Neutering is performed when the dog or bitch becomes sexually mature, but the age of sexual maturity varies with the size and breed of the dog. It is performed under general anaesthesia in completely healthy animals. Some vets recommend neutering females before the first heat, some afterwards, so always consult the overall condition of your dog and the suitability of neutering.


Breeders resort to neutering for two reasons – to prevent health problems or for breeding reasons. Neutering reduces unwanted sexual behaviour and reduces the risk of certain diseases. The reasons for castration of females are all pathologies of the uterus or ovaries, hormonal diseases and prevention of their occurrence, prevention of mammary tumours, diabetes, reduces the risk of uterine inflammation and false pregnancy. In dogs, neutering helps prevent testicular cancer, reduces the risk of hernia and prevents prostate problems. In most cases, after the procedure, the nature of both sexes changes slightly, the animals become less aggressive, stop roaming and marking their territory.


Neutering can also have a negative impact on animals. In females, neutering can cause complications that in most cases will not become apparent until older age, such as
, inability to hold urine, deterioration in coat quality or reduced production of female sex hormones. Obesity or deterioration of temperament is more of a risk in males.


Make sure that your partners have a smooth recovery after neutering.
Sir Anton’s Secret Vet
will keep your dog in good spirits after the procedure and speed up his recovery and return to normal life. In addition, it helps in the treatment of obesity and improves the overall condition of the body.


It is not possible to estimate whether neutering dogs and bitches will solve all their health problems or whether they will develop subsequent complications. But it should be noted that the positives outweigh the negatives and neutering serves as a disease prevention and in most cases prolongs the life of your pet. Unfortunately, millions of dogs are put down every year and millions more end up in shelters, so if you are not considering breeding puppies, have your dog spayed or neutered.

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