About us

We are long-time users and exclusive distributor of the Czech product Sir Anton’s secret in the Czech Republic, with sales representation in the USA and England. This 100% natural nutritional supplement for humans has been in production since 2006. It is a comprehensive nutritional supplement that helps address many health issues with measurable results. After many years of cooperation with the manufacturer and also thanks to the experience of our clients, we have found that Sir Anton’s secret has beneficial effects on the health of their pets – dogs, cats and even horses, and therefore a veterinary version of Sir Anton’s secret VET has been developed, which is better suited to the needs of the animal’s digestion and organism.

Why Sir Anton’s Secret

In 1962, the international organization MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA INTERNATIONAL (MAI) was founded by WHO and UNICEF, of which Prof.Dr.Sir Anton Jayasuriya was co-founder and Chairman of the Board until his death in 2005. Since its inception, MAI has defined a global strategy for preventive medicine and public health as a counterpoint to modern pharmaceutical treatments. This strategy incorporates the complete knowledge of classical and traditional medicine. Currently, MAI members represent 106 countries.

Prof.Dr.Sir Anton Jayasuriya was the recipient of the United Nations Prize for Humanity in Medicine (1982). In 2007, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan awarded him the United Nations Millennium Award in memoriam for his lifetime contribution to humanity.

Prof.Dr.Sir Anton Jayasuriya is the author of 97 books on treatment in many fields of medicine. More than 35,000 physicians, clinicians and professionals from 127 countries have passed through the MAI thanks to his contributions. All of them were introduced to the teaching methods of alternative medicine.

Among the personal patients of Sir. Anthony’s family included, among others, Bill Gates’ father, Pope John Paul II. and Prince Philip (husband of Queen Elizabeth II of England).

Czech recipe and production

The author of the recipe and manufacturer of Sir Anton’s Secret tablets is Jiří V. Ligotzký, PhD., who worked with Anton Jayasuriya for many years in his hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The opportunity to work under the personal supervision of Sir Anton Jayasuriya, was one of the reasons for the idea of ensuring the production of a natural product that fully respects the laws of alternative medicine along with Eastern philosophy.

Sales representation in the Czech Republic

Unicus Communitas s.r.o.

Sales representation in the USA

Anton Pets Us Distributing, Crystal River, Florida 34429