Psychological problems of dogs

Yes, even our pets can suffer from mental health problems. Most often we can encounter separation anxiety or depression in dogs. These problems are often the fault of their owners. Animals sense their energy and respond to it. The stress and rush we live in as humans is transferred to our pets.   The first […]

Dog obesity and how to treat it

Just like humans, pets can suffer from obesity. But we may not notice it right away with them. We see our four-legged companion every day and we simply overlook the fact that he is getting fat in front of our eyes.   Obesity is a disease like any other and storing sugars can be very […]

Medicinal effects of the herb Maca

Maca (Peruvian ginseng) can be classified as a superfood due to its unique properties. It is one of the oldest herbs in the world and grows exclusively in Peru, in the cold plateaus of the Andes, with altitudes up to 5000 metres above sea level. Its beneficial effects were used by the ancient Incas to […]

Nutrition for older dogs

As your pet gets older, their nutritional requirements also change. Switching to a food suitable for his needs and quality supplements are one of the preventive measures you can give him.   A quality and balanced food should be rich in vitamins, salmon oil, antioxidants, quality protein and also a source of fibre. The feed […]

Health problems in older dogs

Although it may seem like seven years of your dog’s life means nothing to him, this is the time when he starts to show the first signs of ageing. Take your dog for regular walks, train his brain and give him a good diet and supplements to help reduce the signs of ageing.   The […]

Aging of dogs

Your dog’s last weeks and months don’t have to be sad or painful. If you give him adequate exercise, a good diet and supplements, you can make his aging easier and even prolong his time. After all, health complications go hand in hand with old age, just like in humans. The dog starts to limp, […]

Neutering a dog

Attitudes towards animals are changing, veterinary care is improving and society is more informed and responsible. That is why neutering of dogs and bitches is an increasingly common and widespread procedure not only to control their population.   During neutering, the testicles in males and the ovaries (or uterus) in females are surgically removed. Neutering […]

Immunity of the dog

In cold and drizzly weather, it is not only the coat that protects your dog’s body. Give him preventive dietary supplements Sir Anton’s Secret Vet to prevent weakening of his immunity and subsequent diseases.   Something is wrong with your partner and it shows up in lowered defenses. The dog suffers from chronic viruses, infections, […]