Medicinal effects of the herb Maca

Maca (Peruvian ginseng) can be classified as a superfood due to its unique properties. It is one of the oldest herbs in the world and grows exclusively in Peru, in the cold plateaus of the Andes, with altitudes up to 5000 metres above sea level. Its beneficial effects were used by the ancient Incas to promote energy, mental well-being and libido.


The crop itself, or rather its root, resembles a radish or beet, with a nutty taste and a caramel-like aroma. And it is in the root that all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins are contained. It contains high amounts of amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E and trace amounts of calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, iodine and magnesium. Other active ingredients include saponins, tannins, sterols, carbohydrates and dietary fiber.


It was first used primarily by humans as an aphrodisiac in the form of a powder to be mixed into food. However, several positive effects have been demonstrated when used in animals. That’s why we developed

Sir Anton’s Secret Vet

a 100% natural maca dietary supplement for dogs, cats and horses that can solve a variety of health problems they may face.


It alleviates psychological problems of animals such as stress, anxiety, depression and coping with fear. It helps with chronic fatigue and gives the body strength and vitality. It strengthens immunity and helps in the treatment of diseases associated with weakening of the body, promotes muscle growth and overall endurance. Effective therapeutic results have also been achieved in the treatment of respiratory diseases, rheumatism or blood pressure. It is also known for its stimulating effect on metabolism and is therefore suitable as a supportive agent in weight reduction. It increases the increase in energy, which means more calories burned. It improves recovery after neutering, where breeders have noted faster and smoother wound healing. And it helps solve


associated with bitches getting stuck.


Sir Anton’s Secret Vet is a dietary supplement taken by animals in tablet form. The composition consists mainly of Maca and has been adapted and improved to meet the needs of animals and the specifics of their digestion. Sir Anton’s Secret Vet is thus gentle enough for the organism of your dog, cat or horse and at the same time maximally effective.

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