Aging of dogs

Your dog’s last weeks and months don’t have to be sad or painful. If you give him adequate exercise, a good diet and supplements, you can make his aging easier and even prolong his time. After all, health complications go hand in hand with old age, just like in humans. The dog starts to limp, he can’t handle long walks, he is tired and less playful and needs all the more your attention and care.


Dogs, like humans, are getting older and older and their physical and mental condition changes as they age. First symptoms
appear in most dogs around the age of seven, but as with humans, this is completely individual. As a rule, the larger breeds age earlier, around the seventh year of life, the smaller ones around the ninth year. If that seems too soon, convert your dog years to human years. The dog is seven years old, and is about 50 years old in human terms.


The average lifespan of dogs is around thirteen years and the senior period can be divided into two stages. Between the seventh and eleventh year, slight outward signs of ageing, such as greying of the coat, etc., begin to appear. From the age of eleven, the signs of aging are much more visible. Therefore, remember to take your dog to your veterinarian for regular health check-ups at least twice a year from the first signs of aging.


The older dog sleeps more and gradually decreases its interest in everyday events. They may suffer from various pains or lack new stimuli, but physical activity is still important to them. For example, try changing your usual walking route or hiding treats around the apartment to help keep him in good physical and mental condition. Train your dog’s brain, continue to maintain social bonds with both people and other dogs or give your dog a view out the window (they especially love this ;-)). Train visual stimuli by watching TV or trying a new toy. Our dogs, who are at home with the Anton pets team members, like nature documentaries and sports (skiing, cross-country skiing, hockey; they are not big fans of football, but maybe your dog will be a big fan). Definitely try it!


In the adult age of the dog it is advisable to start to prevent the signs of aging and thus help the dog to live a full life even in the senior period. Use Sir Anton’s Secret Vet from

Macy’s Peruvian

. One tablet a day helps to alleviate the dog’s psychological problems such as stress, anxiety or depression, cleanses his organism, improves the absorption of nutrients from the diet and thus supports his overall immunity.

We wish you many happy days with your dog.

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