Immunity of the dog

In cold and drizzly weather, it is not only the coat that protects your dog’s body. Give him preventive dietary supplements

Sir Anton’s Secret Vet

to prevent weakening of his immunity and subsequent diseases.


Something is wrong with your partner and it shows up in lowered defenses. The dog suffers from chronic viruses, infections, stomach problems, skin rashes, severe fatigue or refusal of food. Your pet doesn’t want to play as usual and may be sullen to the point of being grumpy.


Immunity should be supported throughout life, although some periods are more risky. Puppies are much more susceptible to disease and are just building up their defences. Equally susceptible are old dogs or dogs recovering from injury or illness. They also feel a lot of stress during big sporting events such as canicross or dog biathlon.


We can keep your dog’s body in good condition in various ways. It is essential that the environment and especially the bed or kennel in which they sleep is clean and dry. Have your puppy regularly vaccinated against diseases recommended by your attending vet. Do not overload it and give it enough rest. The dog should get enough sleep, do not expose him to too much noise (for example, from fireworks). Stress increases the level of the hormone cortisol, which suppresses the activity of the immune system. Rest is just as important for a dog as regular activity, but it should be appropriate to its condition, health and age. Movement strengthens immunity and lack of it leads to weight gain, and excess adipose tissue not only worsens the psychological state of the dog, but also promotes the development of inflammation. Regularly add vitamins and quality supplements like Sir Anton’s Secret Vet to his diet.


Sir Anton’s Secret Vet with

Macy’s Peruvian

supports the immunity of dogs, cats and horses. It will provide your pet with a better and longer life. It reduces stress and restores your partner’s joie de vivre. This 100% natural product alleviates psychological problems of animals, increases the body’s resistance, supports the treatment of overweight and obesity and improves recovery after castration and illness.

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