Dog obesity and how to treat it

Just like humans, pets can suffer from obesity. But we may not notice it right away with them. We see our four-legged companion every day and we simply overlook the fact that he is getting fat in front of our eyes.


Obesity is a disease like any other and storing sugars can be very harmful to your pet. This is a large-scale problem that is becoming more and more frequent in our country. Obesity means an increase in adipose tissue caused by the dog having a higher energy intake than energy expenditure. A dog is classified as obese if its weight exceeds 15-20% of its ideal weight and you can’t feel the ribs through the skin. Reduced activity and lethargy are also signs of obesity.


It doesn’t have to be the owner’s fault! Genetic predispositions of the dog, but also age, lifestyle and neutering contribute to obesity. The risk of obesity is up to 2 times higher in females and neutered dogs. However, the most important factor is


. In dogs, it is necessary to ensure a regular supply of good quality food, adults usually receive two smaller portions a day. Also be careful what treats you give your dog, reward him only with treats without excess added sugars and do not feed him from the table.


Being overweight can expose your dog to a number of serious health problems. Excess fat coats the internal organs and puts pressure on the arteries, which can cause cardiovascular disease. In addition, your dog may suffer from heart and respiratory problems, lowered immunity, arthritis and is at greater risk of diabetes. Females can also become completely infertile and, worst of all, obesity significantly shortens the lifespan of dogs.


Weight loss is a long haul, but if you make the effort, you can give your dog a full life again. A good diet and regular exercise are essential. Moreover, with Sir Anton’s Secret Vet dietary supplement it will go better and faster! The basis of this preparation is the superfood root


(also known as Peruvian ginseng). Maca itself contains almost no calories and its regular use helps dogs to reduce weight. This is because it has stimulating and naturally stimulating effects that increase energy, which means more calories burned. It also relieves stress and depression and your pet will soon be playful and full of life again. Give your partner a healthier life and the opportunity to live to an older age.

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