Psychological problems of dogs

Yes, even our pets can suffer from mental health problems. Most often we can encounter separation anxiety or depression in dogs. These problems are often the fault of their owners. Animals sense their energy and respond to it. The stress and rush we live in as humans is transferred to our pets.


The first signs that something is wrong with our pet is his loss of interest in


. He also starts to withdraw, crawls into a corner, under the table or under the bed and does not want to communicate with us as usual. His eyes are sad and sometimes the animal can be irritable or aggressive.


The problem with psyche in dogs can also manifest itself as dominant aggression, sexual escapes of males after the female. If a dog suffers from depression, it is a burden on his organism, just like for a human, and as a result it can cause gallbladder disease, cysts on the ovary, ulcers on the stomach or duodenum.

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