Nutrition for older dogs

As your pet gets older, their nutritional requirements also change. Switching to a food suitable for his needs and quality supplements are one of the preventive measures you can give him.


A quality and balanced food should be rich in vitamins, salmon oil, antioxidants, quality protein and also a source of fibre. The feed must be easily digestible to avoid complications during processing. In case of difficulties, it is recommended to feed in smaller doses and at shorter intervals. When choosing a food, it is best to consult your veterinarian who is familiar with your pet’s health.


Demands for quality nutrients, vitamins and minerals are increasing, but the need for energy is decreasing. Therefore, the dog should not be given more calories than it can burn. Especially in older dogs, being overweight is a risk factor, as dogs are then much more susceptible to heart disease, joint disease or diabetes. And it is the Sir Anton’s Secret Vet supplement from

Macy’s Peruvian

will effectively help you maintain your dog’s healthy weight.


It is also advisable to give supplementary nutrition once a year to maintain a healthy joint system. It is also necessary to get a food that benefits your dog’s teeth. You should regularly check your pet’s teeth for inflammation and have the tartar removed by a vet if necessary.


Senior age

can be challenging but exhilarating for your dog. Try to give him everything you can together, taking into account his physical needs, slower life rhythm and energy possibilities. Sir Anton’s Secret Vet can play a very important role in maintaining your dog’s quality of life and health. The recipe from Maca peruviana keeps your dog in better mental condition, prevents obesity and improves his immunity. Enjoy a wonderful life with your dog for as long as possible.

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